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Bungee Run
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Two players wear harnesses that are connected to a bungee cord. They race down an inflatable track and place the marker as far as possible before the cord pulls them back. The Bungee Run is not only loads of fun to try, but great for spectators too.

Safety Information:
Parental Supervision of Children required. ASTM Certified NFPA Fire Retardant. Remove shoes before use. Keep all sharp objects away from inflatable units. Keep all pets away from inflatables. Keep food and drinks away. Do not use in strong wind or thunderstorms.

Additional Instructions:
Turn off all sprinklers in the area. Bungee Run needs an electrical source. (generators are available for an extra charge) Keep electrical wires away from the inflatable. Set up in a grassy area away from buildings. Remove twigs, rocks and debris from this area. Provide water to drink for your contestants.

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